consumer & shopper understanding
we provide consumer and shopper understanding with top and bottom line impact.

we flesh out consumer and shopper portraits integrating diverse insights from a variety of sources.

we use consumer and shopper understanding to:

improve value proposition.
improve "white space" discovery.
improve product, brand, and category strategy.
improve marketing communications.
improve in-store marketing and retail strategy.
improve product innovation pipeline.
improve go-to-market strategy.
improve company focus and effectiveness.

shopper marketing
in a fast changing marketing landscape, in-store presentation and shopper experience are powerful and effective marketing tools for brands and retailers.

we leverage market research to enhance shopper marketing by:

designing in-store presentation, from package to communication.
optimizing category shelf for enhanced shop-ability and increased retailer and brand profitability.
strengthening manufacturer-retailer relationships, from sell-in to shopper path to purchase insights and future marketplace trends.

product development & innovation
the only way to top line growth is new, successful products.

we provide an integrated approach to product development that connects marketing, R&D, and design and is driven by the consumer, the shopper, the customer.

we leverage market research to:

identify opportunity areas.
define key market and product metrics.
qualify product.
launch product.

how we work
we always begin with the business questions.

we work closely with our clients to provide customized solutions that answer your business questions and drive action through winning products and brands, from insights to strategy, from idea to shelf - it's market knowledge on your terms for your success.

we do not just collect and analyze data, we create market knowledge to drive results and give your organization a formidable competitive edge, from insights to strategy, from idea to shelf - it's market knowledge as a competitive advantage.


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